Unique Indian Event Catering Ideas in Melbourne

Indian cuisine catered at Melbourne event

Desi cuisine boasts versatile and aromatic dishes that are popular across the globe.

People in Melbourne, a melting pot in Australia, thoroughly relish the Indian palate, becoming more accessible than ever thanks to Indian restaurants that cater to an array of Indian dishes and flavors. According to research,  the median catering order value has increased by 65% over the past 12 months.

This makes Indian food a popular choice for catering while organizing a gathering, both personal and professional. For instance, Chilli India’s food catering services ensure excellent and consistent quality across all quantities.

Unique Desi Cuisine Catering Ideas

In case you are on the fence about getting Indian food for your event, let us help you with some unique Indian catering Melbourne ideas:

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani is probably one of the most beloved Indian dishes crafted with basmati rice, meat, and a careful mix of fresh spices. It is a flavorful and aromatic dish that will appeal to people across the globe.

Veg Thali

A veg thali, as the name suggests, is basically a vegetarian platter that contains diverse dishes, such as curries, rice, rotis, and chutneys. This gives one the option to try many dishes in smaller quantities for a hearty meal.


If countries are divided by borders, they are definitely united by their love for kebabs. Kebabs are skewers that are marinated in several spices and then usually fried.

They come in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. They are a popular starter owing to their versatility and ease of eating and storing.


Dosa is a traditional Indian pancake, usually made from fermented rice and urad (split gram daal) lentil batter.

It is spread thin on a pan and can be customized to add desirable fillings like potatoes, cheese and onions.


Rasmalai is a spongy and juicy Bengali dessert that is often made with paneer or milk powder and soaked well in sweet syrup. In Indian language, “ras” translates to juice and malai is cream. They have a porous texture and melt right in your mouth.

We are simply scratching the surface with the aforementioned ideas. These are just a few ideas for unique Indian catering options for your Melbourne events. When choosing a caterer, be sure to ask about their menu and their experience catering events.

You should also get quotes from several caterers before making a decision. With a little planning, you can easily throw a unique and memorable party, catering Melbourne’s diversity and Indian delicacies.

Chilli India Event Catering in Melbourne

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