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It all started 15 years ago….

Crafting greatness requires time and dedication. Chilli India’s story begins with a group of friends bound by their love for culinary arts and the desire to deliver exceptional food experiences. Through relentless practice and unwavering passion, we have mastered the art of creating delectable, spicy Indian delicacies that touch your soul!

With 15 years of success in fine dining and catering services, we continuously surpass expectations, offering incredible value and exceptional service. We also deliver lip-smacking meals to your door so you can enjoy our food in your comfort zone.

Prepare to be enchanted by our ambience, and the aroma and taste of our authentic spices and flavors!

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From Passion & Dedication…to Biryani Perfection

We spent 15 years perfecting the one thing we love the most…Biryani. Drop by or order to taste, believe and repeat! Think Biryani. Think Chilli India.

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Responsible Indulgence

Delicious food shouldn’t come at the expense of your health or the environment. That’s why we have created a dining experience that combines the best of Indian cuisine with responsible indulgence.

At Chilli India, we source the finest ingredients and prioritize sustainable farming practices to support local farmers and minimize our carbon footprint. We have taken steps to minimize waste throughout our operations.